Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Needle EP

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You will find updates, news, audio, video, insights into our upcoming new EP, "The Needle EP."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Best Part of Having a Band (or Late Nights)

Last night we decided to throw a party. Band invites, plus the Hooper's and the Comb's (who couldn't make it) and a few others.

The lights finally went out around 2am. Of course the kids were up at 7am. Some spent the night, others left. It was lots of fun. Kids running around in the pasture until 11pm with their headlamp flashlights on, music blaring, good times, lots of laughing.

I like being the DJ at parties, mostly cuz, once I get tired, I can wind the whole thing down with the right selection of introspective, mellow, music. It works every time.

One thing I have realized is that I have no interest in getting older than where I am right now. The idea of 40 years old is impossible to imagine. I better write a top ten hit before then, because once I'm 40, you won't find me in a band. Ever. Again.

We sure had a great party. Now I have to clean up. There is stuff...everywhere. Suzanne and Lily are fast asleep. I'm up, with a glass of OJ, the Rolling Stones, my laptop, and a perfect blue sky.

ps. No there aren't any pictures of the party to land on Facebook or a blog like this. That would simply be far too incriminating. Better just use your imagination.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Today, She Is Five.

Last night, I got in bed with Lily and talked about her big day. Her fifth birthday is today. We giggled about the party. I teased her about the "big surprise" I have on the way. Tucking Lily in is my favorite time of the day.

Then she asked me, "Daddy, are you sad that I won't be four anymore?"

All choked up, I answered, "Yes.....but I'm more excited but just a little sad."

It was not true. I'm really sad. A four year old is just a big toddler, which is still somehow connected to a baby. A five year old is a really, really young kid. My sweet little baby is officially no longer a baby. She is, as Lily often describes herself, "our child."

Five years old means, Kindergarten. She gets taken from my home and sucked up into the big Government School System. D-Fax will start bugging my phones. The big American Society Machine gets to start influencing her tastes in music, art, food, TV, sports, etc. What was once a tiny little life that was all mine, now becomes, in many ways, independent.

So I'm sad today. My baby is growing up. Happy Birthday Lilybean.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Robbed or "Easy come easy go"

You will not believe this.

Yesterday I was working out of town. 3 hours away. When Suzanne got home, our house had been ransacked. She called the police and they did whatever it is that they do. (In this county, that's not much more than give hard working Americans $200 speeding tickets)

My grandmother, who lives next door, remembers seeing a red car and two people around 11am. But didn't think anything was unusual. We have people over and people working a good bit.

They totally wrecked out house. Pulled out every drawer, turned things upside down. As Suzanne and her friend began putting things back together, they noticed all the things that hadn't been stolen. A digital camera, 7 cashiers checks, a digital video camera, rings, other jewelry.

Then we found out what the little b@$#@$#s did steal!

My X box. All my games. And my BRAND NEW TELECASTER! Not to mention a good sized slice of peace of mind.

Lynch mobs are now forming.

Please pray that we get our sanity back as they had also stolen our extra key. We are replacing the locks today and having a security system installed.


The very basis of civilization is the respect of personal property. The idea that this is someone's house and I cannot go in there. How is it that in 2008 with a world full of medical advancements, technological feats, the world at our fingertips, we still have people who can break into a house and steal stuff? How is it that the all powerful force of natural selection has not caused these slimy gene pools to completely dry up?

To the readers, be careful.
To the robbers, come back - I have a four iron with your name on it.