Monday, October 29, 2007

After you have suffered a lil while, a new car!

1 Peter 5:10

After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace, who called you to His eternal glory in Christ, will Himself perfect, confirm, strengthen and establish you.


Suz and I are a strange pair. Perfect for one another, yet we fit where. We took Lily to this little park in Jefferson, GA today. We sat around, played on the spin-around-til-u-puke-or-get-thrown-off-thingie, had races on the slides, swung (huh) and had a grand ole time. Then the other parents started to show up, and their kids.


I don't understand these people. Of course, to start the whole event off right, Lily goes down the bumpy slide with two other heavily sheltered kids only to get to the bottom and yell, "Ow that hurt my butt!" "Bottom!" I quickly retorted. Well, apparently, this gave free license to every toddler on the playground to start saying, "Butt." And they did, all of them, with relish. Soon after, I could feel the wry eyes burning holes in the back of my head from the other parents and their feigned outrage. Of course, in order for all these kids to be using that word in proper context, obviously they had heard it before! So quit staring at me.

Anyways, so I digress. Suz and I have just been through yet another tragedy. I mean, sheesh, when are these going to end? I'm starting to shop for a year long vacation. In fact, I think that's a new life goal. I want a year long vacation.

Well, as any good consumer, we dealt with this tragedy the good ole American way. Well I did atleast. Stuff it down till later, and go buy something.

Actually, Suz and I happily entered the SUV world a few years ago as good lil parents do. We were expecting a second baby that never came. So this weekend, Suzanne decided that she was done being an SUV mom and wanted to increase her carbon footprint in another way. A jet black, soon to be red leather interior way.

Here she is...... my solace to Suzanne.

2008 lil black pony.

Now, I'm not nearly as shallow as I've let on in this lil post. I know all about healing and grieving and what really matters in times of distress, anguish, pain. This car is way more practical than it is spiritual. But, as Suzanne's loving husband, if this little morsel brings her tiny moments of peace or joy while she's speeding down some two-laned farm road, wind blowing her chestnut hair, sun bouncing off her steel black sun glasses; then I have loved my wife as He loves His church.

For I too, sit daily, like a dog at His table waiting for just one morsel.

Hey, don't give me that look, it's scripture.


Angela said...

LOL!!! That car is sweet! Congratulations. She deserves it.

DanaLynn said...

Interesting. Stories of being a parent. Needless to say, I can't relate. But (hehe) if it was my kid I wouldn't care if he/she says "butt." As long as my kids don't go around saying "ass." And I wouldn't worry about what other parents think. If this child came outta me, I can rear it how I want. (Haha, "rear" it...even more puns. Sorry, awful.)

So sorry for your loss. =(

The car looks so sexy! And I bet Suzanne looks even more gorgeous in it! And when you talk about loving your wife "how He loves the Church"-- pulls at my heartstrings. How sweet and romantic!